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Ryan Zindorf

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Fax? I mean you could if you really wanted to...1.888.840.0572

Or you can send a pigeon. Since they are my spirit animal they will automatically flock to me and your message will be delivered within 14 business days. Unless it's a Monday or Tuesday.

- Love Ryan


I'm Ryan Zindorf, an American full stack developer and designer at Eisburg with a small but growing background in marketing and business analytics. I bring more than a decades' worth of experience to the table and have worked within the areas of advertising, ecommerce, marketing and entertainment. This includes enterprise and web solutions accessed by millions of users. I enjoy building creative solutions to solve business problems and bringing ideas to life is what I do best.


I write in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP Java, and Swift. I also communicate to databases and make servers do stuff. I like working on scalability, performance, and great user experiences.

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Currently building

I work on 62 web properties and applications, however, these are what I'm currently working on now.

  • GetVirtual Web VR Rift Vive
  • AnimatriCSS Web
  • Asian To English Web
  • Chat Parrot Web iOS Android
  • Wordpress Community CMS

What can I do?


As a developer, I write code every day that conforms to industry standards and semantic best practices. Over the past eight years, I’ve been fortunate enough to see my software transform businesses and enterprises alike, and have helped a number of startups blossom into self-sufficient ventures. I’ve developed sites and applications for just about every mainstream platform utilized today.


As a designer, I’m not afraid of a good color pallet and/or pushing the limits of today’s technologies. My design process doesn’t stem from copying other peoples trendy design elements, but contains research, analytics, prototyping, testing, and thoughtful development. I believe that design is the answer to today’s challenges, and proper design with a purpose can assist in reaching a variety of business goals.

Advertising / SEO / Marketing

As an idea engineer, I tend to take a more analytical and systematic approach to advertising. To gain a full understanding of a project, I typically immerse myself in the brands core and culture. A great deal of research and management goes into delivering simple or complex campaign models. Proper research yields a better direction of a brands time, assets, investments and drives the creation of appropriate content. Strategic and creative content enhances the performance of all my marketing and SEO efforts.

What they say

Ryan has done things with HTML that I've never seen before. Our Blackberry application was pushed into the app store without hassel or issues!
D. Kary - Cello Appications
Thank you very much for all your help and hard work! I really appreciate it and you did a super job!
J. Niehouse - Wardrobe Stylist
Ryan went above and beyond, and we will never use anyone else. Ryan is himself one of the nicest people we have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. He is definitely our one-stop-shop pro! We highly recommend him to anyone that needs his services!
C. Gilpin - Lenny's Subs
Thank you so much. This has been the best experience I've ever had! Make sure to call Ryan anytime you're in a jam. Whatever you need him to do, he'll exceed your expectations.
D. Moore - LA Surveillance

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My work is my life, however, I do have interests outside of sitting in front of a computer. I'm husband, proud father, and currently own more than 400 lbs. of Lego.

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  • Technology

    I love technology. It is one of the only fields that if you embrace it with a little bit of creativity and elbow grease you can truly create something from nothing. Then, if used in the right way, you can bless the world something truely amazing.

  • Langauges

    Linguistics is something I'm truely passionate about and spend an hour each day studying and practicing. I’m fluent in English, and German. I’m versed in conversational French, and am currently learning Korean and Mandarin.

  • Lego

    I have been collecting and playing with Lego sets since I was a few years old. Currently, I have roughly 400lbs of loose Lego bricks, which I still play with. A tradition, which I have started passing down to the next generation.

  • Music

    I love all types of music and have a special attraction to acoustic and folk music. I play both the guitar and banjo. Though I am not a dancer, my son definitely inherited his moves from me.

  • Nature

    Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh wide open air? My wife and I recently added casually walking to our daily routine. There’s no better way to starting your day and clearing your head than a walk alongside a body of water or through a dense population of trees. I also enjoy the swift tug on the fly line when knee deep in a cool stream.

Pet peeves

  • Using an @ freemail address for buisness when you own a domain.
  • Driving under the speed limit.
  • Stopping suddenly and for no reason while walking.
  • People who try and touch me or my child without asking.
  • People who don't pick up after their dog.
  • Unnecessary group text.
  • Anyone who doesn't like Tim Gunn

Other facts

I have three cats; Professor Plum, Capitan Lunchbox and Lady Bug. I love Asian dramas and have a subscription to drama fever. I’m a huge James Bond buff and enjoy a “Bond-a-thon” on a bi-monthly basis. I know every song in the Sound of Music by heart, I cannot grow a beard, I occasionally dress up as Waldo and stand in weird places, and I've been told I make the best pancakes on earth.

I'm here.



I appreciate opening doors for others and I strive to create a meaningful and lasting relationships with everyone I work with. Reach out if I can help in any way.

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Other methods

Fax? I mean you could if you really wanted to...1.888.840.0572

Or you can send a pigeon. As they are my spirit animal they will undoubtedly automatically flock to me and your message will be delivered within 14 business days. Unless it's a Monday or Tuesday.

- Love Ryan